Our Team

Lead Group boasts a dynamic and seasoned management team, adeptly steering the organization towards innovation and success. With a collective wealth of industry experience, strategic vision, and a commitment to excellence.

Meet the Team


Lee L.

Co-Founder & Principal Recruitment Consultant, Construction

Adrian B.


Ricardo N.

Director & Principal Recruitment Consultant, Construction

PH Leads

Carlo R.

Team Lead PH Senior Recruitment Resourcer, Manufacturing

Jeminique A.

Country Manager - Philippines

Abigail B.

Team Lead PH Senior Recruitment Resourcer, Trades and Labour

Jendie R.

Team Lead PH Senior Recruitment Resourcer, Aged Care

Office and HR

Caitlyn B.

Operations Director

Daphne V.

Office Manager

Angel Rynia A.

Office Administrator

Diana M.

Office Administrator

Selwyn B.

Office Administrator

Ronella B.

Recruitment Consultant

Marketing and Engineering

Jordan Q.

Marketing Consultant

Althea P.

Marketing & Social Media Specialist

Andresito D.

Engineering Lead

Karen Kate M.

Product Manager

Stephen John R.

UX & UI Engineer

Gavin D.

Full-Stack Engineer